About Us

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Building a better world together…

Engaged citizens build a better world by engaging with social issues, volunteering and voting. If you are reading this, you are very likely an engaged citizen. You give democracy legitimacy and strength.

Engaged citizens make communities stronger and more connected. By participating, organizing and making the collective voice heard, engaged citizens hold their governments accountable and focused on serving the needs of the people. This project raises issues for discussion and action so that we can harness our power to build a better world.


Dr. Vamini Selvanandan MD CCFP MPH

Vamini is a medical doctor, a proponent of healthy public policy and an engaged citizen. She is a proud Albertan who serves rural and small communities in improving health and well-being. She is a leader in community, provincial and national organizations including Chair-Elect of the Canadian Public Health Association and past-president of the Bow Valley Primary Care Network. In her spare time, Vamini can be found admiring the beauty and bounty of nature on a bike, in a canoe or on her own two feet.

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